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I’m 36 today. Some people don’t like to make their age public – I’m not one of them. Every year is a gift that I’m grateful for and I see no reason to be ashamed of the life that God’s…

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An Unexpected Surprise...Several Actually

Oh my neglected blog! I haven't updated this in two months - and what an AMAZING two months it's been!

I could do an entire blog just on our trip to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park - Doug…

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A Bit of our History (Anniversary Reminiscing)

If you're interested in our background here's a fun blog post for you! On 6/12 we celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary (yay us!)...but we've been together much longer than that:

Our wedding was in 2004 but we started a…

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Requirements and Assumptions

I had a conversation recently with someone who is trying to determine what their life really ought to look like. As we discussed the details I realized they were unconsciously writing off some of their most important desires. Life will…Read more


I've read a lot of success / self-help books over the years. Some better than others. Many talk about the idea of stretching like a rubber band. If you've never heard it, the gist is that when you stretch a…Read more