Hammer Rentals for Hammered Dulcimer Players

Whether you are new to hammered dulcimer or have several years under your strings you've probably heard the advice to try as many hammers as possible to find your favorites. That's great if you have a local club or the ability to get to festivals - but what about the rest of us? We're left holding our breath and placing an online order hoping we get hammers that we like! Well, that changes NOW...if you don't want to wait for (and drive to!) the next festival, let the hammers come to you!



  1. Order your rental bundle below for $40 .
  2. A box of hammers (5 pairs) from 4 brands will arrive a few days later and you get to try them all on YOUR instrument in YOUR home at YOUR pace.
  3. Within 3 weeks of your checkout, just reseal the box with packing tape and mail the complete bundle back - I already have the return shipping label attached.
  4. Keep the info sheet I mail with the bundle to remember your favorites. Use the sheet (or the links below) to purchase hammers from your favorite makers!

Sound like fun!?  Place your order now or keep scrolling for additional details.

Happy Hammering,
~ Sarah Haag

Open bundle of rental hammers

Open bundle of rental hammers

Closed bundle with shipping box

Closed bundle with shipping box

Rent Now for $40

The PayPal button says "installment plan" because I must set up automatic collection in the event that the bundle is returned late or not at all.
Here's how you will be charged:

  • At checkout a rental fee of $40 will be charged.
  • If I have not received the bundle after 3 weeks you will be charged a 1-week extension fee of $20.
  • If I have not received the bundle after 4 weeks I assume that you do not intend to return it and you are charged the remainder of the full retail value + restocking costs. The final charge will be $240 for a grand total of $300 and you may keep the bundle.
  • When I receive the bundle I cancel the remaining installments so that you are not overcharged.

If I am out of stock I will remove the button as soon as possible (but PayPal will also prevent you from finalizing an out-of-stock order). I will replace it with a contact form (or use the one at the bottom of this page) and you may send me your name and email to be added to the waitlist.

*For now I'm only shipping within the U.S. - my apologies to international players.

BARGAIN! - We're on tour in September so I'm not using the normal automated billing right now. Use the form at the bottom of the page to ask about availability. If I can mail a bundle before we leave town you may keep them for longer than normal until we return :)

Meet the Hammers

  • Please click the links for the entire selection each hammer maker offers - the rental bundles are only a small sample of what's on the market.
  • These four makers were chosen because they are well-established and able to handle incoming orders in a quick, reliable manner. Many others are reputable and perhaps this selection will expand over time.
  • ALL of these hammer makers are first class and make excellent products. I have my favorites but it's all about feel and sound and that's all personal preference - so get ready to play!

Dusty Strings

Included in each bundle are - using the numbers from their website - #2 (single-sided leather), #8 (double padded small), or both.

  • These are some of the bundle's longest hammers (from where you grip to where the head strikes the strings).
  • The #8 padded felt side produces the softest tone of any hammers in the bundle.
  • The #2 hammers are the only set of single-sided hammers in the bundle (all other hammers in the bundle can be flipped to play on either side of the head).
  • FYI: Dusty Strings says that their top-seller is the #5 (click the link above) which is not in the bundle currently...just food for thought as you consider options.

Jill Weimer

In your rental bundle you might find The Swirl, Treble Clef, or Hummingbird.

  • The handles are less polished and more natural feeling - this offers a different grip which may slip less if you have sweaty hands.
  • Hummingbird has the shortest length (from grip to striking surface) of any hammers in the bundles.
  • Treble Clef has the largest head in the bundles - if you have this design in your bundle pay attention to how it changes the weight distribution.
  • The Swirl is longer in length but very lightweight. If this is in your bundle, try it, then quickly switch to the Bob Bedard hammers and you'll notice a huge weight and size difference.
  • The leather that Jill uses in her hammers has (to my ears) a warmer tone than some of the other leathers. Leather can be replaced so it may not be the most important factor to consider, but it's still worth paying attention to.
  • While some of the other makers have set designs to choose from, Jill is flexible and offers customization. With her and any of these makers, always reach out and ask if you're looking for something specific.

Joyful Noise Music (also referred to as Bob Bedard hammers)

The bundle includes his "Windsong" design.

  • The weight distribution is significantly different from the other hammers in the bundle (with weight falling more towards the head than the handles).
  • For lack of a more technical term, these hammers feel very solid...they are well-loved within the dulcimer community!
  • The handles have a more shallow curve/groove which may be more or less appealing to you.
  • While this is one of his most popular models, the Harlequin (not included) may be more familiar to you by its unique black & white coloring (maple/ebony) - this is the same version but with different wood.

Master Works

Each bundle will include either the "regular, without pick" or "treble clef, without pick" from their custom double-sided hammer selection - make sure to click the link to see their full selection including exotic woods, hammers with inlays, and the option for a pick on the handle!

  • Each pair of hammers is weighed in grams and marked - if you like the way they feel but want something heavier or lighter, give them a call!...of all the hammer makers in the bundle I believe that Master Works offers the most comprehensive ready-made selection (I've seen their Craftsman cabinet full of them!) They can help you narrow in on wood type, inlay design, weight, and pick.
  • The handles on Master Works hammers have a shallow curve compared to some other brands - see what feels good to your fingers.


* from makers' websites, subject to change
* does not include shipping/taxes

Dusty Strings #2 single sided leather - $36
Dusty Strings #8 double padded small - $58
Jill Weimer - $30
Joyful Noise Music / Bob Bedard (Windsong design) - $38
Master Works regular & treble clef, without pick - $42


One other fun product included: All bundles are shipped in an accordion-style case handmade by Karen Alley! These cases are not currently featured on her website, but click here to contact her if you'd like to purchase your own custom case!