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We love to play and are eager to enhance your next event! NOW is the time to book us ~ since we're still figuring out our audience we are seeking a variety of events. Even though we're new as a duo, each of us have years of experience performing in churches, university concerts, and even solo recitals (no pressure!). So, lay it on us and we'll give you our best!


House concerts, corporate events, dinners, art exhibits and festivals...all these and more are great atmospheres for live music! Because it's just two of us (and many times just Sarah as a soloist) we're able to provide affordable live music. Let us know what you're up to and we'll work to accommodate any budget - live music is for everyone regardless of financial status!

Host us in your home or backyard (weather permitting) for 20+ guests and we'll come to you with no up-front cost! A house concert typically consists of a social hour (food and beverage options are completely up to you as the host) followed by about an hour of dedicated time solely for music. Donations will be collected at the conclusion of the concert and amounts are determined by each guest - there are no suggested amounts (we do have another option if you prefer not to ask guests for donations). If this excites you, let us know and we'll share additional details!

Use the contact form below and let us know what you're planning. We'll be up front and honest about our abilities, pricing, and venue requirements like space and equipment.

All other inquiries may be submitted on the same form below, thank you!

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