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Rhythmwood Drive is actively touring and booking a variety of venues from orchards to public spaces like the Indianapolis Artsgarden to private house concerts.


Stage space is the biggest (literally) topic that needs to be addressed. Ideally the minimum space needed is:
With all instruments - grand total of 20ft long x 10ft deep...some flexibility exists here if instruments are moved around (Sarah has fit the dulcimer and marimba in the aisles of a wine shop before so things can be done!)
For just Sarah / marimba - 7ft long x 5ft deep
For just Sarah / hammered dulcimer - 6ft circle

Other considerations such as outdoor set up can be discussed by email or phone as the situation requires.

These are available at no up-front charge to the host/hostess with 20+ guests. It can be organized on a donation-basis or paid solely by the host/hostess as they prefer. A typical house concert consists of a social hour (with or without food/drinks or a pitch-in) followed by an hour of music.

If you would like to inquire about a performance please use the contact form below.

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